We have mapped out 12 of our favorite breweries and calculated how many minutes if would take to drive from one to another. For this adventure you will add your minutes moving throughout the day and record your total at the end of each day. What counts as minutes moving? Any intentional movement to improve your health! A walk, a run, push mowing the lawn, paddling, bike…you get the picture? What does not count? 16 oz curls….you have to earn those!

To make it even more fun our friends from Busch’s in Canton, MI have teamed up to pack 1000 12-packs filled with one beer each from each brewery. When you log enough minutes to make it to the brewery open up your 12 pack and reward yourself! MI Beer Adventure 12 packs will sell out and will need picked up at one of 3 locations. See the reg page for more information and to grab yours before it is gone! The 12 packs will all contain the same variety and will be a mix of types of beer.

Featured Beers

  • Bell's Brewery - Official
  • Arbor Brewing Co. - Trail Lyte
  • Founders Brewing Co. - Green Zebra or Cerise
  • Witch's Hat Brewing Co. - Bumble
  • New Holland Brewing Co. - Lake & Trail
  • Grand River Brewery - 313 Polish Lager
  • North Peak Brewing Co. - Siren or Swell
  • Brewery Vivant - Farmhand
  • Dark Horse Brewing Co. - Crooked Tree IPA
  • Odd Side Ales - Bean Flicker
  • Short's Brewing Co. - Soft Parade Shandy
  • Keweenaw Brewing Co. - Pick Axe Blonde Ale

Because of availability, not everyone will get the same beer from Founders Brewing Co. or North Peak Brewing Co.


Pay what you can. There is no cost to participate in this adventure. If you can afford to pay anything to participate in this challenge, we thank you. We exist only because of our participants engagement in our events. We miss you all so much and we appreciate you so much! Any funds collected will go directly towards helping keeping our small business afloat so we can continue on creating fun events for you after the pandemic. There are two add on options and we will also have a swag shop! On the registration page you can choose to add on a medal and a 12 pack of beer!


Beverage of Choice


Show Me The Beer

This adventure includes one beer from each brewery location you will virtually visit!


Just Along For The Ride

Travel to all the breweries and then celebrate with your drink of choice!

Activity Goal


Brews & Shoes!

Lace up and let’s get moving! This goal is based on moving an average of 60 minutes a day to complete all of the stops in a 30 day period! You can count any moving minutes you would like during the day. Walk, running, biking paddling! What ever MOVES you! When you hit the required amount of minutes to get to the next brewery you can go to the website to unlock it and read up about the fun facts about the area! Then grab the appropriate beer from the 12 pack and crack it open!! To complete this by August 11, you will need to average 60 minutes a day, plan accordingly! Add in some walks, strength, swims…just keep moving!!



This is a challenging 12 day streak from brewery to brewery that concludes with a 6 Hour and 18 minute moving day! Yowzers! Your reward...if you choose the 12 pack, you get to crack one open every day! Cheers! Follow the list and hit all the breweries on back to back days. Moving from 42 minutes to 378 minutes a day, with an average of 137 mins a day for 12 days straight. Then you get to relax! You will run/walk the required amount of minutes to get to the next brewery each day. You can then go to the website to unlock your next location and read up about the fun facts about the area! Then keep charging on to the next stop the next day!


There is some great optional swag available for purchase only until July 13th! Bottle operner medals are also available to add via the registration! GET YOUR SWAG HERE!